This AI Dungeon 2 session is off to an...interesting start. Everything up to the word "spot" is the original prompt I entered. Everything after came entirely from the AI.

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Finally got to the hotel after midnight. World of Commodore starts in twenty minutes.

There's not enough coffee in the world to get me through the day.

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Facebook surfaced a post of mine from 2014 when I got up early to watch the Orion capsule test flight. I was so excited about the future of Orion & SLS even though I knew they were less than ideal, politically driven designs like the Shuttle.

Here we are, five years later and…nothing. That's so depressing.

I really want to bring my Ultimate SX-64 to World of Commodore but I don't want to try to get that mess of wires through airport security ☹️

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arnold schwarzenegger became a naturalized US citizen in 1983, around the same time that he started filming the first terminator film. in other words...

he terminated and stayed resident

@mercurythedragon narcissists aren't going to get diagnosed, and narcissistic abusers are masters at playing mental health professionals to convince them there's nothing wrong.

And narcissistic abuse is quite different from garden variety abuse.

It was immensely helpful for my healing to have terminology, coping strategies, and community with other people who experienced the exact same things I did.

♪ I used to think that the day would never come
I'd see delight in the shade of the morning sun ♫

@sylvia_ritter I can tell I'm going to like them just by the artwork. Excellent work!

@adasauce damn! And here I was proud mine scrambled his own eggs with me this morning

Just finished an hour and a half on the treadmill in my favorite workout shirt.

@wilkie I was so excited about the Aptera Motors electric car years ago and the number one complaint I heard all the time is "it doesn't look like a real car". I agree - this looks like a terrible fit for the part of the market that buys pickups.

Fixed the audio and serial bus than stopped working on the Ultimate SX-64. Also upgraded the firmware.

I really need to add a new physical switch that disables the built in 1541.

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Ok, booked my flights, hotel, and ticket for World of Commodore. Toronto, here I come!

One of my cats had seven teeth pulled this week. He's currently curled up on my pillow blissed out on painkillers.

He won't eat wet food so I've been making a soup for him of his dry food in chicken broth. He's been eating some of it but I can tell it's still not a pleasant experience.

Poor guy.

Oh yeah, I still need to book a trip to World of Commodore...

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