Had a weird dream the other night that the Living Computer Museum in Seattle was doing a live stream walkthrough of their exhibits, ending with a demo of a rare prototype HP Wendy-123 that ran Windows 3.1 and AmigaOS 3.1 but it was all a viral marketing thing for a new Batman movie 🤦‍♂️

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@elementary please keep everyone safe. That should definitely be priority #1 right now.

My son is asking for "the videos with the music and the fast letters" and I'm pretty sure that's the best description of demos I've ever heard.

We're hiring a Lead DevOps Engineer to join my team at The Wirecutter. Come work with an amazing, diverse engineering team and help our readers save money!


@mdhughes @cypnk reminds me of using Bluewave in my BBS days to read email & forum posts offline

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Q: good follows or instances for someone into music, synths, vintage computers, asking for a friend who just joined the Fedi

@LaCrecerelle Sure. I had a C64 as a kid. Got a PC in high school and later a modem. Called BBSs for a couple years then got a Ripco account to explore the internet in 1995 right before I went to college. Taught myself HTML & JavaScript in those early days.

Let's get something lined up!

Two screws sheared off my cheap treadmill's kickstand. Took some work to get the remnants out. But they were easily replaced with better quality screws. I'm considering the simple construction a feature I guess.

@dansup they're migrating everyone to YouTube Music soon-ish, once they get library uploads working and can migrate playlists. GPM is totally on life support.

I'm probably going to see Rise of Skywalker sometime soon. Not out of interest but because I've seen all the mainline Star Wars movies (all the theatrical releases except Solo) in the theater ever since my parents took my weeks-old diapered ass to the drive in to see A New Hope.

It feels more like an obligation than something I'm interested in. One last trip to church for Christmas Mass.

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20 years ago, one or two lucky souls with a TV capture card would have uploaded hand traced gifs of Baby Yoda dancing and they would have been posted on the Unofficial Baby Yoda Fansite, and all of us would be placing them as inline images on our own homepagea

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This AI Dungeon 2 session is off to an...interesting start. Everything up to the word "spot" is the original prompt I entered. Everything after came entirely from the AI.

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Finally got to the hotel after midnight. World of Commodore starts in twenty minutes.

There's not enough coffee in the world to get me through the day.

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