@andrioid I left that school and my next taught me C++ and Java.

While at the first college, I fell in love with this new thing called the WWW. I wrote JavaScript when that first beta of Netscape 2 came out.

I couldn't find work in the tail end of the dotcom days so I ended up working in PickBASIC on an antiquated, pre-SQL database originally designed for the IBM 360 in it's heyday. I couldn't escape Pick because it's all I had experience in, so u dropped $1000 of my own money for Java certification. That got me a job with a startup maintaining their PHP site and working on it's Java replacement.

After that company ran out of funds, I ended up in the PHP CMS world working in PHP & JavaScript. I use Typescript on my personal projects. I've dabbled in Haskell and Scala. I write bash scripts.

And now I'm a manager so I spend more time in Google Docs than a code editor.

@andrioid I got into programming because my second grade teacher went to night school. The school's "learning center" coordinator wheeled in our new Apple II and my teacher booted up her homework, which showed an ASCII picture of R2-D2 and played the Star Wars theme. I had to learn how to do that! So I dove into Apple and eventually Commodore BASIC.

I picked up a little 6502 assembler but never really understood it until my 20s.

In high school, I wanted to learn a "real" language, so I got really into C. In college, I slept with a copy of K&R under my pillow and when my friends were doing tarot card readings, I'd open K&R to a random page for life advice.

College also made me learn COBOL in 1995. The department heads had a pet IBM 370 in the basement so to justify keeping it around they made all the freshmen take a COBOL class and they taught assembler on the 370 instead of a modern platform.

Why can't I accept that good things happen to me?

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Distracted boyfriend meme except I'm the boyfriend, the girlfriend is legible code, and the other girl is pointfree style

@thomasfuchs I love falling asleep to that album when my wife is out of town

@thomasfuchs peril-sensitive sunglasses were a great choice for election night

@Berserkhippo and if they fall off the bed during tummy time or they get a bruise learning to walk, that's life. As long as they don't get a concussion or anything, bruises and cuts heal. Our ancestors had to deal with sabertooth tigers and an ice age and scarce food. Our kids are tougher than we think.

@Berserkhippo Also, take the batteries out of any toy that needs them before you give it to them 😛

Everything needs to sing and honk and beep now and it gets on our nerves pretty quickly. The kid can push a car around without it needing to sing a song about how it likes to drive fast. Better yet, you can come up with a song together!

@Berserkhippo Andy is two and a half, going on 24. Remember that humans have been raising children for thousands of years without Bumbos and Baby Needs Mozart and all that. Enjoy the things that make it easier on mom and dad, but the thing the kid wants most is you. I just spent half and hour playing on the floor with my kid and his stuffed animals. That's what matters to him more than any toys we'll be selling at a garage sale in a year anyway.

Maybe when my kid is a little older and doesn't need constant attention.

I barely have time for the side projects I have, but I really want to start a blog & YouTube channel about cats. I've been volunteering with them for years and I think it would be great to create something that's not software.

Our new kitty is getting settled in. Enjoyed hanging out on the bed with our older cat. Exploring more but spooked when she realizes there's a person in the room.

Always loving on me when I walk into the bedroom where she hides but she's known me for months at the shelter. Give her time and I'm sure she'll be running the place soon.

Awwww yeah! Just booked my flight, hotel, and ticket to World of Commodore 2018 in Toronto!

@thomasfuchs that's much more practical than the fireplaces the Property Brothers always want to put in bathrooms.

I won a massage in a raffle today. I still have a gift certificate for a floatation place from my anniversary. I think the universe is telling me to relax already!

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