Who knew the museum had an exhibit about my subconscious?

I guess I'm not going anywhere. Turing really missed me when I was out of town.

Taking a break from fixing the SX-64 to work on this Commodore 1902a that UPS damaged on the way to it's previous owner. Did a little Bondo work this week and got the corner in decent shape again. Some plumber's putty and a couple coats of primer should smooth it out before paining.

I'm trying to find the right colors and it's hard. I used Montana Gold paint on my Apple //c monitor and I liked working with it. But I'm much more familiar with Commodore colors and something just a little off will drive me crazy.

Our new kitty is getting settled in. Enjoyed hanging out on the bed with our older cat. Exploring more but spooked when she realizes there's a person in the room.

Always loving on me when I walk into the bedroom where she hides but she's known me for months at the shelter. Give her time and I'm sure she'll be running the place soon.

I got one of those LED light strips and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Mac Plus on the top left needs some help as it does after every move. Otherwise it would be on too. Bad solder joint on some connector I'm sure. t.co/SsxPMcP6uv

Over the holidays, my father-in-law introduced me to these plastic razor blades he uses at work to get stickers & property tags off computers. Tried one on a vintage Mac tonight and it worked amazingly well. So much better than picking at it for an hour. oldbytes.space/media/OrIUtlPQl

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