I barely have time for the side projects I have, but I really want to start a blog & YouTube channel about cats. I've been volunteering with them for years and I think it would be great to create something that's not software.

Maybe when my kid is a little older and doesn't need constant attention.

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@daveross how old is your kid? Just had my first 3 weeks ago. Any advice?

@Berserkhippo Andy is two and a half, going on 24. Remember that humans have been raising children for thousands of years without Bumbos and Baby Needs Mozart and all that. Enjoy the things that make it easier on mom and dad, but the thing the kid wants most is you. I just spent half and hour playing on the floor with my kid and his stuffed animals. That's what matters to him more than any toys we'll be selling at a garage sale in a year anyway.

@Berserkhippo Also, take the batteries out of any toy that needs them before you give it to them 😛

Everything needs to sing and honk and beep now and it gets on our nerves pretty quickly. The kid can push a car around without it needing to sing a song about how it likes to drive fast. Better yet, you can come up with a song together!


@Berserkhippo and if they fall off the bed during tummy time or they get a bruise learning to walk, that's life. As long as they don't get a concussion or anything, bruises and cuts heal. Our ancestors had to deal with sabertooth tigers and an ice age and scarce food. Our kids are tougher than we think.

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