Awesoke "bitpop" cover of "One Night in Bangkok" -- my favorite 80s tune meets my favorite 80s computer. This isn't your usual chiptune music!

Got a nice power supply for the computer I paid $10 for at the thrift store.

I've always wanted to get a $200 electric cello off eBay and soup it up with nicer pickups, a reinforced neck, good strings...

I'm beginning to feel like "$50 lock on a $100 bicycle" is not so much a purchasing decision but part of my personal brand.

I got a Commodore4Ever "Atom" power supply for my 64 & 128. Damned if the picture quality on my monitor didn't improve. Amazing what 40 years of progress and a metal enclosure can do.

Ok, I want a laptop with a full-size mechanical keyboard now.

In retrospect, that's kind of what my old 486 laptops had. I want that.

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I was DISTINCTLY TOLD, in the 1990s, that if we put computers into all the things it would make us all super-smart and super-sexy and super-kind and we would all live in houses made of translucent plastic and acid dance and rainforests and we would specifically NOT become a society of giant raging dumbass jerks selling fake nutritional supplements to Nazis.

There were RECEIPTS. Money changed HANDS.

I wish to complain to the MANAGEMENT.

After a couple year hiatus, I relaunched csixty4-dot-com as a blog about my retrocomputing hobby and hacks, using WordPress, Gutenberg, and the Munsa theme by one of my newest coworkers - with Caddy and Letsencrypt providing the web server magic. Check it out

I've been getting treated for depression. I feel like a completely different person and I no longer feel overwhelmed by every single little thing. The down-side is now I'm trying to figure out exactly what the motherfucker who lived in this body DID for the last couple years because OMG there's so much shit to do.

Another punctured inner tube and my $100 Craigslist bike is getting rather expensive to own.

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I'd like to share a few things on #depression.

First, depression is not an emotional state, but rather an altered world. Being depressed means first and foremost to inhabit a world where some things are missing: the *possibility* of happiness, goodness, connectedness.

Being depressed does not mean being sad, but inhabiting a world where the very possibility of happiness is lost, the very possibility of something good ever happening, the very possibility of genuine human connectedness.

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Unethical life pro tip: use NFC Tools and NFC Tasks on Android to set up a Max Volume/Delay 30 Seconds/Play Ringtone task on an NFC tag. Put that tag on your laptop or notebook.

In a boring meeting? Discretely scan the tag, wait 30 seconds, excuse yourself ("I really need to take this")

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What if we use ALT attribute on images to reveal true message instead?


Do I go without sleep for a week to do a new project or spend $85 on a WordPress theme that does it all already and focus on the content? 🤔

"Dialing in" from the Commodore 128 as well...

Finishing my weekend with some scotch and BBSs.

I got one of those LED light strips and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Mac Plus on the top left needs some help as it does after every move. Otherwise it would be on too. Bad solder joint on some connector I'm sure.

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I remember going to the Wayne State Book Store to pick up a copy of Borland C++ 4.0 for $99 (which normally retailed for $499).

I can now buy any range of single board computers and run gcc for $5-$35 dollars, all told.

That is mind-boggling to me.

My kitty is dying and there's nothing I can do but cuddle her and love her and spoil her before the cancer and other maladies take her away. She's been my little girl for fifteen years, almost my whole adult life. I knew it would happen some day but I'm not ready to say goodbye. 😿​

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