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Hi, fedifrens. On the 29th, I'm riding in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS along with a few other members of UA Unified, Under Armour's LGBTQ+ culture club. The HCRA benefits 9 central Texas organizations that benefits those affected by AIDS and HIV. If you can, please donate hillcountryride.greatfeats.com and/or share this? I'm trying to raise $250. Thanks.

Aside from the Alps Glidepoint touchpad I'm loving this little Dell e7250. I was right. I don't want to flip it. I might sell my Surface Book instead and keep going with this and Linux Mint. 16GB RAM. 1TB SSD. i7 processor. It's not breaking a sweat.

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How is it my two year old has a book report due Tuesday for daycare?

Chrome keeps telling me "Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type font/truetype" and I was pulling my hair out until I went to see what Google Fonts does and got the same error on their site!

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The mother cat on Babybus (a YouTube cartoon for toddlers) got sick and the kittens took her temperature. It was 38 degrees Celsius. Exactly in the middle of the "normal" range for cats. But noooo everybody's like "she has a fever" and I'm yelling at the TV going "she's totally faking it just to lie down and get away from you kids!!?!"

This toot brought to you by caffeine and toddler entertainment.

I've got a dev environment set up, I've got echo installed, and I've got some custom middleware functions going. I'm actually kind of liking

OpenWRT never stops amazing me. Last night, I set up a separate network & SSID for our IoT devices and Amazon Echoes. On consumer hardware!

The database underlying Catalogopolis.xyz has been updated with all of this most recent season's Doctor, companions, episodes, writers, and directors! Get the full SQL dump at github.com/daveross/doctor-who … and expect this data to appear in the API soon!

I woke up with a cold and I'm sure it would be fine to call in sick today but it's Friday and what are the odds it's going to be a crazy day anyway?

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Reminder that time travel exists in the Garfield universe. Garfield is science fiction.

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I just realized: One thing I'm missing from the Fediverse are event calendars.
I'm currently in a group of people planning a climate protest, and we're using Facebook to post events there for people to subscribe to.
I'm not aware of any federated social network / tool where I could post a calendar event and people could subscribe to it.
That would be a really useful feature to get more people off Facebook.

I'm happy I had the piece that broke off the corner to add some structure to the epoxy work. Ended up grinding about 25% of it away in the sanding process but let's be honest this isn't exactly a museum piece anymore.

Taking a break from fixing the SX-64 to work on this Commodore 1902a that UPS damaged on the way to it's previous owner. Did a little Bondo work this week and got the corner in decent shape again. Some plumber's putty and a couple coats of primer should smooth it out before paining.

I'm trying to find the right colors and it's hard. I used Montana Gold paint on my Apple //c monitor and I liked working with it. But I'm much more familiar with Commodore colors and something just a little off will drive me crazy.

Probably going to finish the third book I started reading in 2019. On track for my resolution to read more books & fewer trite articles & blog posts.

I really want to try Write Freely but where do people using it host their images?

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anybody can be a dad but it takes a man with a thesaurus to be a progenitor

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