Why can't I accept that good things happen to me?

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Distracted boyfriend meme except I'm the boyfriend, the girlfriend is legible code, and the other girl is pointfree style

Maybe when my kid is a little older and doesn't need constant attention.

I barely have time for the side projects I have, but I really want to start a blog & YouTube channel about cats. I've been volunteering with them for years and I think it would be great to create something that's not software.

Our new kitty is getting settled in. Enjoyed hanging out on the bed with our older cat. Exploring more but spooked when she realizes there's a person in the room.

Always loving on me when I walk into the bedroom where she hides but she's known me for months at the shelter. Give her time and I'm sure she'll be running the place soon.

Awwww yeah! Just booked my flight, hotel, and ticket to World of Commodore 2018 in Toronto!

I won a massage in a raffle today. I still have a gift certificate for a floatation place from my anniversary. I think the universe is telling me to relax already!

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Two iPhones with 512GB storage each have more total storage than all Commodore 64’s ever made (about 15 million) combined.

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How did Margarita know I was downstairs watching videos of other cats?

Making good progress on an open source project I'm using to fill time at work. Feels good to code once in a while.

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*sigh* "Please don't sniff the other cat's butt while he's standing in the litter box"

I think the most exciting thing about the new Doctor Who season for me is Bradley Walsh's character. As a middle aged white guy it means a lot to finally see someone that looks like me on TV.

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