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Just listed on eBay: Core i64 Non-destructive Commodore 64 Raspberry Pi Conversion Frame


Just listed on eBay: Commodore 64 Direct to TV (DTV) - hackable c64 console in a joystick!


Just listed on eBay: Atari 2600 Cartridge Organizer Tower - holds 12 games


Just listed on eBay: Sony MP-F75W-12G floppy drive for vintage Macintosh


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God bless the Apple fan-folks:


"You might ask why you should spend $8 on a calculator app whose only appeal has nothing to do with functionality and everything to do with gimmicky nostalgia. To you I say, you don’t know how to properly squander $8."

Just listed on eBay: Limited Edition Commodore 64c BLUE Kickstarter Case


Emboldened by my escapades with the Mac Plus, I opened up my Commodore 1902a monitor and freshened up a bunch of solder joints. It's no longer flaking out on me, and dare I say the picture looks better? Probably just my imagination there.

It's alive!!! Macintosh Plus with a 16MHz 68030 accelerator!

I've had this Macintosh Plus since the early 2000s and it's never worked quite right.

Until now.

Bonus: turns out it has a 68030 accelerator and just needs the driver.


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Finally opened up my Mac Plus to fix it. Re-flowed the solder joints on the analog board. Found a 16MHz 68030 accelerator in it! Re-seated the SIMMs and the accelerator after cleaning them with Deoxit Gold.

It's alive!!!

I just listed one of my Mechboard 64 mechanical keyboards for the Commodore 64 on eBay ebay.com/itm/153970790296

Replace that mushy OEM keyboard with some Gateron Yellow switches!

My SD card (FloppyEmu) is apparently too fast of a disk drive for Ultima I.

Is Adrian even a "web server" if it doesn't have access logging?

Well, that was fun to implement.

I imagine this week's SpaceX launch will be a successful crewed Dragon launch or a successful test of the escape system.

Adrian "web server for fonts" release 2.2.0 is out. Now with support for etags to save your & your visitors' bandwidth.

These are difficult times. You need that bandwidth for Netflix, not downloading the same fonts again.


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Is anyone working on a libre / fediverse replacement for #Giphy yet? I've had a passing interest in creating GIF reactions that don't exist yet.
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