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c'est quoi la plateforme de dons/cagnotte qui prends le moins de comissions ?

waiting for my brain to fully boot then I can get back to that radio

previous owner for some reasons connected the S-meter bulb on another point than the one it should have been originally.

I wonder why too, but that shouldn't impact the RF, it's just a power rail, if it had issues, pretty much all the radio would be dead.

did some more checks on the radio, found a cold joint on one RF connector,,,

will disassemble the filter unit tomorrow, might find some more funny things too

so apparently kim is dead but not dead but dead but unrumored, probably replaced by a quantum cyborg by the NSA

so,,, how do I diagnose transistors, in circuit, when I don't know shit about the voltage they should be :/

y'a des client pour mtg pour apprendre a jouer a ce truc ?
genre pour apprendre pas juste ¨démerde toi avec un deck et des humains en face¨ ?

the ICOM IC-745 service manual is so BADLY scanned that all the voltage which are white lettering in a black box are just plain black

thanks so much, absolute garbage

also sad news my frequency meter DVM addon need huge calibration and is off about ~2V

I need to look the service manual for which equipment I need to calibrate it.

on peut repousser les vampires avec des oignons et shiro avec de la farine :thaenkin:

plus jamais je ne veux de domaine chez ces blaireaux

bon ben je vais devoir attendre lundi le transfert du domaine, ovh n'aillant toujours pas répondu malgrès TROIS relances...

modes are now working properly.
radio still very quiet, s-meter dead, and filter switch too.

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ICOM IC-745 update, do you see this sucker, it was causing some issues, how surprising.

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