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looks like some user are in the remote_inboxes list and still have a botched (read: non-refreshed) info field
so it messes with the federator

restoring the info field of the relay doesn't seems to be enough

févr. 02 09:26:17 fedistodon mix[10501]: ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function nil.ap_enabled/0 is undefined (module nil is not available)


today's goal is to guess how I'm going to ressucitate that completly botched pleroma database

@ local users, instance downtime ~15mn tomorrow for disk resizing.
mastodon is eating disk for fun.

I don't know how the mastodon hack for "moved account" work and I don't want to fuck-up this account so... 🤷

Hey hello.
This accounts remains here as an admin one for the instance.
I've moved to @dashie so you can follow me there.
Thanks you.

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