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mostly-finalized tattoo designs for my roommates and i!! >:3c

#art #mastoart

gonna watch Johnny English Reborn because why not

very few new youtube videos and im very bored help

I think i've found my gnome deadlock issue.
It may have been caused by the MPRIS audio control extension lol

what a piece of junk desktop environment

digikey definitely doesn't sell any lipo batteries, at least for the .fr :/

Some day people will realize that you can just press the "block" button if you see a bad user and don't need to make a big announcement post about how much you hate them, hate all their friends and family and people who buy at the same shops
Pleroma is currently the easiest option if you want to host a small fedi server. For this reason, it's used by many people who don't have the money to rent a 40 dollar a month dedi. If you say 'ban all pleroma instances', you are really taking away the ability of these users to run a fedi server under their own control and push them back to the big silo servers.

bon ben maintenant je dois attendre la paye pour commander tout ce dont j'ai besoin pour mon projet ;_;

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