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Genre ça serait entre deux départements aux extremités de la france OK je comprendrais.
Mais là c'est cote a cote merde.

Sinon ça fait 4 jours qu'un colis mondial relay à été envoyé du 77 vers le 78.
C'est d'une efficacité incroyable.

itsfoss . com website is such trash.
they can talk about something and make 20 links.
one redirect to the actual website of the manufacturer they talk about.
every other ones to themselves.

je veux être livré CHEZ MOI. pas me trimbaler un colis de 21Kg a travers toute la ville.
c'est quoi leur problème a ces incapables.

j'espère pas, ils ont vraiment décidés de m'emmerder c'est pas possible

I don't want to have weird or switches sticking out of the frame.
So one key will be sacrified for layer toggle in a multi-layer firmware.
No sacrifice for a single layer firmware.
Adding one more switch won't be that hard anyway, like the leds, just poke a hole, add a switch, connect two wire to unused teensy pins, done.

finally I will remove .5 around the PCB, it will allow better alignment for the holes.

I will print it maybe tomorrow.
I am still waiting for the teensy :/
might get it in a day or two I hope.

made some fix, 4 holes for the leds, removed .5 around the pcb because it doesn't fit ~perfectly~

It will be a 5x5 "keyboard" with a 4 layers possibility,

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