@switch @minx I have no problems for bots as long as they have their maintainer identified in bio, that they don't post too much in public (no flood) and it's not stolen media, and rules are respected. then it's ok

sowwy didn't waited until "tonight" but everything should be done now

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instance announcement: this afternoon I have to do unfucking-firewall maintenance, the instance will have some hiccups as I unfuck everything.
I will also update it while i'm on it.

Reminder that reports can be federated and are the only way for an effective moderation.

I am not going to spend hours digging crap when you can just check a box when reporting bad behavior.

@48kRAM @reidrac @Datassette_User yup had an issue with the new server, I think there might have been some loss around that time when it happened

@marcolas what are you reffering at about chrono-feed ? the federated timeline ?

there is a local timeline too that will shows only local toots.

groups are planned apparently for more wide communities too.

@Wintermute_BBS delays might have been caused by this morning upgrade, everything should slowly get up to speed

hewwo, instance updated, pls report any issue to your friendly otter.

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