@48kRAM @reidrac @Datassette_User yup had an issue with the new server, I think there might have been some loss around that time when it happened

@marcolas what are you reffering at about chrono-feed ? the federated timeline ?

there is a local timeline too that will shows only local toots.

groups are planned apparently for more wide communities too.

@Wintermute_BBS delays might have been caused by this morning upgrade, everything should slowly get up to speed

hewwo, instance updated, pls report any issue to your friendly otter.

hello sorry for downtime, had to do some emergency disk resizing which can't be done online... (computers are still bad in 2022)

I am considering switching the instance to invite-only registration.
I am fed up having to clean that kind of shit mess every few weeks

mastodon issues should be resolved, did nothing else than updating the instance.
computer magic once again...

so here is the instance status:
- timeline doesn't refresh automatically anymore
- timeline loops on showing old toots
- mastodon doesn't show ANY error at all

best fedi software ever right

will update the instance at a later date, for now I only wanted to move out of k8s

Estimating workload 0/404720 | | ETA: ??:??:?? (0 docs/s)

yeah search deployment looks perfectly ???ok???

@millihertz moved the instance out of kubernetes to use plain docker deployment, had to shutdown to make sure the minio assets weren't used anymore

timeline is empty but I guess it will starts to populate soon

well, instance has been migrated and uh, maybe everything works

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