can't even manage to have apt/aptitude to install an 1.23 otp :(

my personal instance just got murdered by OTP24
DO. NOT. RESTART your pleroma (stable?) if you have an OTP24 installed or ⚰️

so, hm, hello back, the postgresql upgrade took a long 8 hours lol

it's yolo upgrade time, instance is going down for ~some minutes~ as I need to upgrade postgresql of my whole infra

4th of may I will be 30 and you can give me monies so I can buy cool stuff with it thanks you

Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

je me suis fait deux burgs mais je me suis raté en saucant les pains...
j'ai un burger a deux tops, et un a deux bottoms

c'est quoi la plateforme de dons/cagnotte qui prends le moins de comissions ?

@vfrmedia it's mainly my ADHD, most of components I need I just do a big mouser order, or ebay ones

@vfrmedia I doesn't work a lot of my projects tbh, primarily on big ones who takes time.
I have a lot of side projects to finish but they all requires to buy stuff and meh.

I took a year and half or maybe two to order an IC to continue repairing a mfj automatic antenna tunner :|

it's my birthday in like 8 days, and I want to make a whateverfund to get monies to buy new lab hw, but I feel guilty of asking money ;_;

ICOM IC-475: turning a pot related to noise floor makes the s-meter behave more like it should.
I need a new signal generator, this radio needs a full calibration :(

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