so my DVM needs a 9.5V, 95V and 950V voltage reference for calibration

where the fuck I am going to get a 950V voltref without selling an arm

@dashie if you can make a 950V tunable power supply, it wouldn't be too hard to make an accurate voltage divider and calibrate that against another voltage reference,

@steph well... I don't have another voltage reference so that's not really possible.

@dashie like, i'm sure you could get a fair number of digits accuracy after 9.5V if you use a 100x divider

@steph I won't have anything to calibrate it, all my DVMs needs calibration :/

@steph I will wait until the lockdown end and see if some hams nearby have a good refcal and I will just move my counter there..

@steph that will do it, my very old fluke 75 seems to still be within acceptable calibration % so that's good.

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