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:001: Software Archaeologist @dashie@oldbytes.space

So I just created MHz.social [1] because all radio amateur instances are dead.
Feel free to register if you are in this hobby.

[1] mhz.social/about/more

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@dashie I’m on the road right now but I’ll definitely be registering later today!

@dashie We have an OStatus group here for that, !amateur, if Eugen ever gets around to implementing groups in Mastodon
@dashie oh hey, there ARE some other radio hams on fedi who knew

@dashie Do you have to sign up with your call sign?

@astraluma no! use whatever you want, you can put your callsign in your display name or bio if you want.

@officialcjunior @dashie i tried that. and it said log in. and when i tried using the same log in procedure as here, it kept not working.

@officialcjunior @dashie so i have to do the entire rejoin mastodon thing to get in? ok i did it, what now, do 2 mastodons run at the same time now?
i never joined another instance before.