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sowwy didn't waited until "tonight" but everything should be done now

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instance announcement: this afternoon I have to do unfucking-firewall maintenance, the instance will have some hiccups as I unfuck everything.
I will also update it while i'm on it.

DRGN EMOJI PACK v1.0 :drgn_fire: :drgn_scream:

I decided it's finally time to officially make the first release of my new drgn emoji pack.

You can download it here: :drgn_fingergun:


Reminder that reports can be federated and are the only way for an effective moderation.

I am not going to spend hours digging crap when you can just check a box when reporting bad behavior.

hewwo, instance updated, pls report any issue to your friendly otter.

hello sorry for downtime, had to do some emergency disk resizing which can't be done online... (computers are still bad in 2022)

I am considering switching the instance to invite-only registration.
I am fed up having to clean that kind of shit mess every few weeks

mastodon issues should be resolved, did nothing else than updating the instance.
computer magic once again...

so here is the instance status:
- timeline doesn't refresh automatically anymore
- timeline loops on showing old toots
- mastodon doesn't show ANY error at all

best fedi software ever right

will update the instance at a later date, for now I only wanted to move out of k8s

Estimating workload 0/404720 | | ETA: ??:??:?? (0 docs/s)

yeah search deployment looks perfectly ???ok???

timeline is empty but I guess it will starts to populate soon

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