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I don't know how the mastodon hack for "moved account" work and I don't want to fuck-up this account so... 🤷

Hey hello.
This accounts remains here as an admin one for the instance.
I've moved to @dashie so you can follow me there.
Thanks you.

mostly-finalized tattoo designs for my roommates and i!! >:3c

#art #mastoart

wip of my festive dragon icon. i love how fast it takes me to finish things now. #dragon #festive #dragons #lensasartbook #art #mastoart

gonna watch Johnny English Reborn because why not

very few new youtube videos and im very bored help

I think i've found my gnome deadlock issue.
It may have been caused by the MPRIS audio control extension lol

what a piece of junk desktop environment

digikey definitely doesn't sell any lipo batteries, at least for the .fr :/

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