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Here are some fuzzy faces from yesterday! These snoots belong to TheFireHyena and PsiNei on :twitter:

And tbh the only loan I can afford (more than my rent) wouldn't even allow to pay for a house at all
Or it will just be a piece of garbage completly rotten, or super far away from any city ...

so yeah, it's easy to buy a house if you are not "rich" but "living on a stable condition with no issue at all" lol

"there is some risks yeah but hey, benefits are way better"

HAHAHAHA yeah the risk of having a house but no money to eat isn't a big issue eh

"I bought my SECOND HOUSE but I'm not rich"

hahahahahahahahahaha best joke ever

December a rack frame.
January an Airspy HF+.
That sounds a good plan.

and my desktop windows network stack is dead again and I need to reboot to get my full SDR bandwidth working T_T

I might just throw a 20m long-wire instead of that mini-whip I guess.
I have good rx with my 10m one on a kenwood...

I really need to get that 19" rack frame for the hut so I can have organised racks for the radio stuff with patch panels for antennas and stuff

Ok I think I have an issue with my miniwhip.
Or it is very bad at receiving 80m which is weird I think.

la switch manque d'un indicateur de charge *sur le dock* aussi T_T

la pokéball fait quand même des bruits tandancieux quand on titille le joystick :|

@Thib ça marche comment le machin "pokémon en balade" une fois qu'on l'a activé ?

j'ai un peut l'impression qu'elle est ultra sous-exploitée la switch quand même c'est con :/

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