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still no Dschinghis Khan bongo cat ? what are the shitposters doing ?

if a project includes :
- cryptoshit
you can be sure at 800% it's garbage

> new disruptive technologies in the search for solutions that can transform the Web into an ecosystem in service of humanity.
whaaaaa :blobaww:

"Powered by the Ethereum world computer"
lol what the fuck are you saying

driving a piano in GTA 4 to vanessa carlton's "a thousand miles" Show more

anyway it seems to open them and play correctly

Audacious is showing me a folder named "em:t" as "E5WTWB~H" what the fuck (over smb)

Je vais ré-imprimer cette série d'ici peu, vu que j'ai un stock limité s'il vous intéresse n'hésitez pas à me dire vos tailles pour quelles soient disponibles 😁 #serigraphie #DIY #art

imagine if Mastodon was like, using something like NodeInfo to advertise capabilities ? 🙃

ah yes mastodon doesn't resize remote images and they don't appears in the timeline 👌

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