Any Boston area tech history fans interested in collaborating on a hobby project with me? I want to put together a site detailing the Boston area's computer history, and there's a lot of it! I'm building out the site but would love help finding and researching!

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@uint8_t it took an episode or two to work for me but now I'm hooked!

@elementary thanks for the detailed update. Looking forward to it!

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here's a cool thing

former Acornsoft employees put the source code for BBC Basic and the BBC Micro OS among other things

it's all legit!

I dreamed about a hybrid between the Commodore 128D and the Commodore Plus/4 called the Commodore 111116.

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I wrote an article about the history of the HTTP status code and what I think it tells us about designing specifications and APIs:

If you liked my @365-rfcs project, this is a direct outgrowth of that work.

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