I went to list my Newton OMP on eBay and the screen's just black and flickering. Looks like it needs a recap. I need to see how much I can get for it in this condition because I don't do surface mount repairs.

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OMG just demoed what my team has been working on for the past nine months to the entire company.

Went well. I'm gonna faint now.

I'm thrilled I can finally say something about it. My employer is now covering many of the costs of gender affirming surgeries, including things that get overlooked like hotel/airbnb stays.

Also other transition related expenses like work appropriate clothes and name changes.

Psst .. we're hiring!

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Learn more about what it's like to have me as a boss and what I value in a team @ danaross.dev/manager-readme/

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React coders, come work with me at Grindr! I'm looking to hire a couple sr. web engineers to join an already amazing, diverse team.

Learn more about the role at:


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90% of what makes the Fediverse so great, are the funny and lovely instance domains

My six year old had a character generation session with her new kids D&D group. Their character is a tabaxi monk named Kitty who deals a lot of damage with her claw attack. Her family runs a cat shelter (which I guess would be more like an orphanage) and she carries her kitten collar around as a memento.

"Mama, I love you so much. You're a good mom." ♥️♥️♥️

We might have just booked the last b&b room available in Provincetown for under $1000/night in June.

Did my first 13 mile bike ride through Boston this year! I love seeing so much of this town, especially our beautiful parks.

I've soft launched a hobby project I've been working on.

computerhistory.boston/ is an interactive map of companies, institutions, and landmarks in the history of digital technology from the Boston area.

There's still some styling tweaks and a LOT of content needed still.

The server my main account is on is getting an upgrade so I'm in this account for now. I haven't used it in about a year. Lots of cobwebs to clear out.

Found these awesome socks this afternoon.

Thanks to my wife for correcting the unnecessary gendering of my footwear.

There was a cool thing in my dream last night that I kind of want now.

Two words: Atari Roomba

Something weird happened. When I was growing up, computer chips were rectangles and we interacted with them through square screens.

Now the chips are squares and the screens are rectangles.

I did it! I built my own static site generator which builds both my web site and gopher hole at danaross.dev using templates, recursive partials, variables, and a directory of markdown content. And it builds in under 30s.

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