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I've only been on here about ten minutes, but I've already used it more than Facebook.

How many backups do you keep of your files? Preferably comment where and how

The votes have been counted! In total 224 votes were cast. Here comes the top six songs of this year's fedivision!

@crunchy My very favourite part about this is "you will need: hi-vis jacket"

People need to understand just how powerful a tool that is.

They're the most ironic piece of clothing ever created. They're intended to make you more visible, but in practice, they render you *invisible.*

£3 from any DIY shop can get you the one disguise that will cause people to overlook ANYTHING you do in public. Picking a lock in regular clothes? You're a thief. Picking a lock in a hi-vis? You're a locksmith, obviously.

The stratified, hierarchial, pro-gentrification society turned the hi-vis into a uniform of the working class, a signifier that says "I am little and do not matter."

So this is exactly what they deserve to get for doing so.

your prefered date format?

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This place in New Zealand where you can race go #karts down a hill :pikachuroll: :ablobcatreachreverse:

Been a while, drawing I've done this week, going to colour it and use it in the background on the page of a book. Also this is one of my favourite games. #bubblebobble #arcade #retro #retrogaming #dragons #arcadegame #art #MastoArt

if your SSH connection hangs without response because of roaming or any network issues, you can force close it by doing: <ENTER>~. (a litteral enter key press, followed by a ~ and a .)
you don’t have to wait for SSH to have a broken pipe or to kill your terminal!


Eurovision spoilers 

Oh so *thats* how the UK almost won

Oh so... if you "suspect" that people are "manipulating" the voting (whatever that means), you solve it by... manipulating the voting? Checks out

#eurovision2022 #eurovision

File: OperationWolf.ay
Misc: 1988 Ocean
Author: Jonathan Dunn
Tracks: 7
1 - Operation Wolf (128k title)
2 - Operation Wolf (128k operation initiated)
3 - Operation Wolf (128k scene cleared)
4 - Operation Wolf (128k game over)
5 - Operation Wolf (48k title)
6 - Operation Wolf (48k operation initiated)
7 - Operation Wolf (48k scene cleared)

Hey guys, anyone need a plumber? I can look one up for you on this!

This pandemic has proven that forcing people to come to an office is fucking unnecessary. It's just one more way capitalism wants to take away from folks having leisure time.

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Of course, it's not real - in particular, other than the graphics and font inconsistencies, there are some pages on invalid numbers. Also the page refresh appears to do a transition, where it loads a third of the page at a time.

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