This was added to my collection today through a lot I recently got. I don't have a Magic Voice, but one day perhaps.

I've spent the last year restoring classic computers as a full time job. It was a great year and refreshing to do something different. I just accepted a job offer to do some really interesting looking work! I'll still be doing restorations, but returning it to my hobby.

I'd cleaned up and this 1541 longboard a few weeks ago. It worked prior, but not when I put it back together. Drive was spinning and no red light. 5v regulator died. Replaced that and it's booting.

Progress this morning before the day job kicks in: I have an externally clocked VIC-20! Internal timing being driven my an ICE40 FPGA. It’s a couple cycles slow but getting there. Now to start on video signals. The math makes my brain hurt. More coffee #commodore #vicsrevenge

A few pics I took from the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, Georgia. This was part of my birthday trip recently, so I'll have some more to share later as well!

Gonna have to build some sort of test bench jig if I’m going to have 32 leads connected to the VIC chip at once without it being a wire hot mess. Good news it the DreamSourceLab 32 channel analyzer arrived and took about 60 seconds to set up. #commodore

Took a few minutes to outline design goals and answer some of the many questions I've received already on this project. #commodore

Well this is good, turns out I do know how to create a B&W PAL (and NTSC) Composite/S-Video signal from scratch. My timings aren't quite right, but it's close. Good first crack though. #commodore #VIC20hacking #learnallthethings

It appears something has previously worked on this Commodore 64. I did find it odd this board had a real PLA, because don't see that on this board rev commonly.

My VIC 20 cartridge collection. Not bad, but gaps to fill. Upper right is @futurewas8bit Penultimate Cart+, certainly fills in the gaps, but I like collecting the originals for sport.

6 chips replaced. It's up. The PLA and KERNAL ROM were defective. The MOS 7406, 74LS08, 74LS139 AND 74LS258 got replaced proactively, because their nasty.

Been self employed for the past year. It's had plusses and minuses. Came across a job posting a few weeks ago, where I knew some people that worked there already. Been talking to them and just had a call with a hiring manager for a position. Sounds like a super interesting role, which is nice as my last job wasn't challenging, but life circumstances kept me there. He's going to have HR schedule an in person interview next week, with him, his team and his manager (who I've worked with previously). Excited!

Been introducing my 6 year old to a Zelda game for the first time after school the last two days. Link's Awakening remake on the Switch. I've been playing and he's watched and helped with puzzles. He drew pictures of characters and monsters this morning.

I think I've decided on a working codename. Logic analyzer ordered and shipped. I'm shooting for a working version in a year. #commodore

Sometimes RTFM will lead you straight to the answer. Atari 800 won't power up. Replace all the diodes in the bridge.

Got this Atari 800 in. Broken * key post. Mitsumi keyboard mechanism is a little different from the Commodore version. Found though the spring and rubber fit into a C= post. Perfect fit. Yay!

RAM replacement with lower power 5V parts. Fastboot BIOS. Modern power supply modification. A/V composite mod. This ColecoVision has been modernized!

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