Check out the "Altaid 8800" - a palm sized Altair 8800 clone based on a *real* 8800 processor (no Arduino / Pi etc.) created by Lee A. Hart - Read all about it here:


@Wintermute_BBS Lee Hart makes clever kits (I have his 6502 badge). Josh Bensadon (the dude in the picture) is a friend of mine and absolute 8080 maven

@scruss Nice to meet you! I love that little "Altaid" and immediately went "take my money!" - this is not only a nerd worthy eye-catcher but also a great ... er ... SBC to learn and teach about computer basics. And I am just a little too "young" to have known the IMSAIs and Altairs of the day, in fact I always envied those who did.

I thought about getting one of these "Altair-Duino" kits but this is even better!

@Wintermute_BBS Yeah, I bought one too. I wonder how well Lee can handle the bump in sales: it is literally just himself doing it. And there aren't that many working 8080s out there. I suspect he may have to refund a few

For extra front-panel goodness I have a Retro ELF+ I really need to build. The 1802 is particularly good for front-panel programming, and the Retro ELF+ allows you to slow the clock down to about 3 Hz, so you can see individual instructions and bus events happen in real time

@scruss I've never heared of a Retro ELF+ - do you have some more info on that?

@scruss Oh, but it's a very interesting project. Is Elf OS a new piece of software or is it something adapted from the 1970s?

@Wintermute_BBS I think it's new-ish. Two of my friends - one of them being Josh - are obsessed with 1802s, and this was entirely peer pressure ...

@Wintermute_BBS one slight disadvantage to the Retro Elf+ boards: the designer is very old fashioned, and so there's no solder mask on the board. They're also (deliberately?) unusable with lead-free solder

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