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Okay, so I guess I still owe the an introduction - well, here it comes:

like probably most people on (that's the instance I'm on) I'm into classic-computing and everything "retro computing". I was a teen in the 1980s and grew up with several computers of the era, namely the VIC-20, ZX81, C64, Amiga and Atari ST before moving to the PC and eventually being enlightened by the FOSS and Linux community.

For a living I'm working as a Linux platform engineer, for fun I delve into the depths and mysteries of 8 and 16 bit computing.

I also run two classic bulletin board systems , a Linux based MBSE system named "Wintermute BBS" and the infamous "RC-BOX", the world's first and (currently) only bulletin board to run on a homebrew computer.

I'm not a political activist but consider myself 'old fart left' since I am an old fart and have a left-wing opinion - it's been this way all my life.

So hello, - my name is Wintermute_BBS and I'm a nerd!

2678. Wing Lift 

title text: Once the air from the top passes below the plane of the wing and catches sight of the spooky skulls, it panics, which is the cause of turbulent vortices.


US mad about 95% approval of Russian annexation in Ukraine? The 'sham' is 95% of Hawaiians *rejected* annexation, and America stole our country anyway, banned our language and culture.

📺Stream alert!

Join me for some more random games at 9pm over on twitch (link in bio)!

Wenn ihr bei Cloudflare Kunde seid: Aktuell gibt es in Coop mit Yubico die Yubikey 5 NFC und 5C NFC für nur knapp über 10€/Stück - normal UVP 50€.
Einfach bei Cloudflare einloggen, Angebot aktivieren und auf die Mail mit Gutschein warten :)

Just bought the "JiffyDOS" Overlay ROM files for the C64C and burned it to EPROM- 7€ was a fair enough price!

Here's a Google search Easter Egg...

Go to google and search for: dart probe

Then watch your display get nudged to one side 😉

#nasa #dart

Found this when I wanted to see the time difference between Rosetta and Dart's launches


Dieses Corona, ne...

Holt es euch nicht.
Das will man echt nicht haben.

Erst Recht nicht, wenn ihr irgendetwas anderes schon habt, das euch belastet.
Mit Corona wird es nicht besser.

Geht impfen, lasst die Maske auf.
Alles was geht.

Bleibt gesund!

Ich fordere von Patrick Lindner und der FDP den 9€ Porsche! So!!

The most popular home computer of all time turned 40 this year.

Bil Herd dived in and explored the legacy of the legendary Commodore 64...

Original tweet :

What a difference 40 years make. Old caps on the left to be replaced by the new ones on the right.

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