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Okay, so I guess I still owe the an introduction - well, here it comes:

like probably most people on (that's the instance I'm on) I'm into classic-computing and everything "retro computing". I was a teen in the 1980s and grew up with several computers of the era, namely the VIC-20, ZX81, C64, Amiga and Atari ST before moving to the PC and eventually being enlightened by the FOSS and Linux community.

For a living I'm working as a Linux platform engineer, for fun I delve into the depths and mysteries of 8 and 16 bit computing.

I also run two classic bulletin board systems , a Linux based MBSE system named "Wintermute BBS" and the infamous "RC-BOX", the world's first and (currently) only bulletin board to run on a homebrew computer.

I'm not a political activist but consider myself 'old fart left' since I am an old fart and have a left-wing opinion - it's been this way all my life.

So hello, - my name is Wintermute_BBS and I'm a nerd!

And that’s the ‘82 retro computer event done, and my last retro event - I won’t say forever, like the YouTube channel you never know how the future will pan out - but certainly for the near future. It was wonderful to see so many people, so many collectors who I’ve done a whole bunch of events with and the museum which I love, and the people who are incredible. #xp

#PalmOS developer release the source code to classic #games over 20 years after their release. #Palm

It's pretty much a working game now. Only two rooms, but all enemies and environmental effects are in place. The game loop is working. I get framedrops on NTSC which probably will require some quality compromises but I hope it won't be too noticable. Next up is grinding through creating all rooms.

I am a simple man: I laugh to tears, I repost!
(Sound ON!)

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Auch via reddit sind einige erheiternde Kommentare verfügbar:

Oh brilliant!

Welcome to Luton sign, on the approach to Gatwick.

For those who don't know geography, London Luton is the other side (to the north) of London from London Gatwick

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and the quoted tweet

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Flying in to Gatwick, just before landing this is what is out the left window… great prank, deffo at Gatwick 🤣

Next week I'll have a few days off and will hopefully find the time to start my latest "build your own computer" project: the "Harlequin issue 2D" kit from "ByteDelight" in the Netherlands.

Today I took some time to check the kit contents and take a look at the manual: I'm very imperessed with the detailed instructions and hints for beginners as well as the overall quality, detail and packaging of the kit. Also, the one SMD component that is required for this kit (PAL/NTSC encoder) is already pre-soldered to the board.

The two packs of dutch "Stroopwafels" came as a little gimmick and will be enjoyed once the machine is assembled and actually works!

My plan is to take shots of my progress and comment on my experience soldering the board here on the fediverse.

Progress will depend much on my mood and interference of real-world issues, but if you want to follow the process, just look for the tag

A question to you users: can one use a digital dictaphone as a tape recorder replacement? So you would have your programs stored as WAV files?

🍌 x2 bananes
🥛 x1 verre de lait
⌛ 2 min. dans un blender
⌛ 10 min. dans la sorbetière

Résultat = 🍦 Glace à la banane :chef_parrot:

#Mastomiton 👨‍🍳

PS: aucun caillou n'a été utilisé pour cette recette

Top tip for old retro folk: reproduce the look of a CRT on your modern LCD by taking your glasses off

A gentleman over on the comment section of Youtube reminded me that SCART, a French acronym (Syndicat des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radiorécepteurs et Téléviseurs), is called Péritel in France and SCART literally everywhere else 😄​

Hallo, wir sind #neuhier !

Wir sind die Recherche Nord, spezialisiert auf investigative Recherche und Dokumentation von rechten und neonazistischen Gruppen und Netzwerken.

Wir stellen vor allem Fotodokumentationen und damit verknüpfte Hintergrundinformationen zur Verfügung und freuen uns, wenn ihr damit arbeitet.


Wir freuen uns immer über Hinweise und Austausch!

Where do you want to connect today?

"RC-BOX" is open 24/7 for your classic retro hardware to connect to.

The BBS features a personal message base and a public discussion board. You can also access the CP/M command line (type 'C' at the BBS prompt) and play text games like "Super Star Trek" and "Rogue" online on the .

From time to time I also publish my nerd musings on RC2014, 8 bit retro computing and related topics as a text file in the BBS "Textfiles" section.

If you want to take a look yourself, use a TELNET client and connect to: (TCP Port 2014)

The bulletin board system is running on a real homebrew computer utilizing the CP/M 2.2 operating system. The BBS software is RBBS4.1 for CP/M, written in BDS C.

I've updated the code to compile with BDS C 1.6 and added support for the RC2014 RTC module and the 4x 7-segment LED module provided by Mr Gelee's Tech.

My revised RBBS4.1 code can be found here:

I've yet to make a proper introduction here, but while that simmers a little longer I'd love to share this project of mine with you.

I've collected 18 episodes of the 1983 television show, Whiz Kids, in English and Italian, 13 in French, and 7 in Japanese, and made them available for everyone on the Internet Archive. Some of the English episodes were sourced from a partial PAL DVD release and may be in better quality than you've ever seen them. Please enjoy and share with your friends and associates. It's not too late to become a fan of this very cool but short-lived show that inspired a lot of young people in its day, and continues to inspire me.

Want to interact with some web APIs with ? Check out Spriggsy's collection of interfaces!

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