Any vecrex love in the room? Trying to bring this one back from the brink. No sound of gameplay. No white dot. Seem to have the right voltages. Trying a recap and a reflow of some dodgy looking areas. Any tips gents ?

Also, the cursor is pretty scratched. I wonder if I can polish it, but for the time being I'll leave it alone.

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Did some cleaning today.
Not much I can do about the yellowing, but the 1/54 cleaned up rather nicely with dish soap and a slightly more than damp microfibre cloth.

The 1/54 failed to sell several times. I think it was the third time around that I finally placed a 9 EUR bid and won.
It actually is the first without any damage that I see on eBay. Apart from a bit of dirt and ink it is pretty mint. Should've sold for a lot more.

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Newest acquisitions:
1️⃣ Faber-Castell 1/54 in perfect nick (under the grime). Even the cursor is complete and undamaged.
2️⃣ Reiss 3212 pocket slide rule.

Very interesting !
I'm already looking forward to part two. :)

B&K 1460 oscilloscope 1

CTR TE-22 audio signal generator. Tube-based, probably from the 1960s.
Works a treat and is in perfect condition apart from the paper scale glued to the front.

Gould 1604 - 4 channel 20 MHz with plotter.
I have two of these. Both suffered from leaky batteries and bad caps. One of them had the input filter blow up on me while testing.
I didn't yet manage to get the plotters to work, unfortunately.

Meratronik U726. Last calibration somewhere in 1978.
Came to me from eBay, only needed a new power cord and a major cleanup.
Recently received some wood grain. :)

RFT EO174A, a single channel service scope from former GDR.
Bought on eBay, dead shortly after arrival.
The transverter had died. After swapping the Germanium switching transistors it worked again and still does.
Ugly beast, heavy, limited usability. But it has the special Eastern Block charm.

I have two slide rules that are missing the springs of their cursors.
With some wraps from a blister packaging I think I did successfully reproduce those springs.
We'll see if that holds or if I need spring steel.

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