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Following rules update 

New follower rule: all begposts must be CWed with "BEGPOST"

The definition of a begpost is any post where you directly ask for money for any reason.

The sheer number of these in my feed is having a severe negative impact on mental health, making the platform difficult to use. I thank all those oblige for understanding.

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Please DM with reason for following and where you found me.

If you don't have pronouns in your bio I probably won't accept you.

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ok I am switching to follow by aproveal only.

Mastodon is for people who want to here my horny screeing intermixed with retro tech and art projects.

TechBros and DudeMen please go follow me on where there is instead software complaining and professional shit.

@feoh you describe yourself as a Freemason in your bio.

Do you actually read the profiles of people you follow?

You can fuck right off.

linux nonsense 

Helped @crowlad get an appimage running, that used to work.
I thought the whole point of those was that they are independent of other installed junk, but it was failing because of a missing lib, which you could only see by trying to run it from the shell.
Still dislike appimage, flatsnap, snappak, all of those things. Just make a normal package.

Especially sound cards.

There's a fucking device class for sound cards. Fucking use it!

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Why are companies allowed to make proprietary USB devices !?

when summer arrived, i was surprised to find i apparently live in a densely populated forest. maybe these eastern bloc urban planners were onto something

Cities aren't loud, cars are. Cities without cars have a very nice ambience to them.

Quantum computers were a good idea, until they introduced branch prediction, which, like traditional computers it didn't predict so much as run all possibilities in parallel and take the actual one.

However, unlike traditional computers, the quantum ones created alternative realities with each branch, taking the "real" one once the states coalesced.

Alternate program execution realities weren't the issue either. That is, until the darkest of those timelines learned how to inject malicious code into the others.

#TootFic #TootFiction

An open letter to Disney, Time Warner, Sony, Netflix and all other large media companies 

Hi we're all bored of tour endless reboots and adaptations.

Please dispand yourselves and share your wealth equally between everyone who has worked on your movies, you media format has become irrelevant.

- Sincerely: Everyone who's ever watched a movie.

Shitpost (unless you don't want it to be) 

PSA: if you steal my food that means we're dating.

pinkRangerLB at birdsite:

> I hope cis ppl who have trans friends, family, or coworkers, I hope they know that each and every trans person they know has had to ask themselves “at what point will I flee my state” and “in what circumstance am I willing to die.” We’re friendly, laughing, but make no mistake.

(cis ppl: if you think this is a figure of speech, it's not. this is literally the case. if you think we're being dramatic, you haven't been watching the news, or (perhaps even scarier) reading the editorials.)

I have just discovered that thanks to streaming services we now have playlist rot

Its a new season of blaseball and I still have no idea what it is, despite watching a one hour documentary about it

accessibility -, drug ads 

wtf why'd they remove the seating but keep the ads

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