And suddenly I am OK with XR


ok so

what if xr's goal is to overwhelm the police with middle class kids who'll be ok

so marginalized folk can get away with the real stuff

(thinking they even suck at that)


I was dumb enough to buy a minidisc player. ever considered releasing an official one of these?

Not to mention this hating is complete bullshit.

I have been on nothing but pills and my boobs dissagree with the idea that they don't work.


Can people just stop shitting on other methods of HRT please...?

I can't take anything other than pills, and hearing that they "Don't work" and that they are "wasting time" really fucking sucks.


In order of consideration:

Fiona (I was actually called this for a week)

Hey people my family are planning to buy one if those hive smart heating systems, does anyone have any security info on the things?

I am sat in a car dealership service dept.

Writing rust.

Is that ironic?

So I've pinned my nightly version....

Sigh.... I will forget I have done this

I cracked my phone, its away for repair.

This is an old phone.

It does old phone things.

Some of it is quirky.

Most of it is annoying.

Why did we never figure out consistent updates for android or Linux on arm?!


So nightly hasn't buit in 4 days...

Is that normal?

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