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Please DM with reason for following and where you found me.

If you don't have pronouns in your bio I probably won't accept you.

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ok I am switching to follow by aproveal only.

Mastodon is for people who want to here my horny screeing intermixed with retro tech and art projects.

TechBros and DudeMen please go follow me on where there is instead software complaining and professional shit.

asking for help to get away from an abusive living situation, boosts needed 

does anyone nearby (i'm in riverside county, in southern california) have a place i could stay in the near future? like, a couch i could sleep on? not yet, but it looks like things are gonna go to shit pretty soon no matter what i do, so it'd be nice to have an escape plan ready. my parents have been incredibly abusive since i moved back in with them, especially since they found out i was trans. today they went into my backpack and took all my hormones, and that's only the tip of the iceberg of the bullshit they've put me through. at the end of next month they wanna take me to mexico and i wanna be gone before then. please help.

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I just found *another* account with in the description.

I still maintain that I have the OG transgirl shark.

This is Kevin, and he's 5yrs old. And if you found a post from a transgirl having one of these online, this is probably the shark that started it.

After my gf and I brought him home it started a chain reaction of our queer friends "needing to have one" which spread over social media quite quickly.

we've lost track of how far its gone now. But unless anyone can challenge with a different origin for their shark this is the og trans shark.

I am slowly realising everyone* I interact with on this platform is a furry.

*maybe with the exception of the person reading this, if they're not.

Yesterday, i got several kilos of screws, electronic parts and other odd crafty things in neat sorting boxes for 10€ from a flea market app, which is hecka exciting in itself. But what I love the most is this. It's a resistor calculator app but made from paper!!

shitpost / misinformation 

"Ray Tomlinson wants to add you to their professional network on LinkedIn" - the worlds first email

Every day at 4:22 i get an email stating "your gitlab pipeline for <project> has failed.

At this point its how i tell days apart. It'll probably have a cognitive impact if i ever fix my build

Reading about heap implementations:

Ahh, so all code is garbage collected code!?

My problems always seem smaller than everyone elses yet I still struggle to cope.


I have crushes on girls.

But when I tell them they normally ignore me.

So usually I don't tell them.

BTW being technically homeless / could have to move on short notice is a good way of avoiding collecting junk.

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I realised I haven't had a permanent home since I was 18.

I am so uncomfortable its bordering on pain.

Seems its time to adjust my pain thresholds again.

I just realised I am on the phone with my girlfreind.

We haven't said anything to eachother in like an hour and a half.

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