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Following rules update 

New follower rule: all begposts must be CWed with "BEGPOST"

The definition of a begpost is any post where you directly ask for money for any reason.

The sheer number of these in my feed is having a severe negative impact on mental health, making the platform difficult to use. I thank all those oblige for understanding.

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Please DM with reason for following and where you found me.

If you don't have pronouns in your bio I probably won't accept you.

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ok I am switching to follow by aproveal only.

Mastodon is for people who want to here my horny screeing intermixed with retro tech and art projects.

TechBros and DudeMen please go follow me on where there is instead software complaining and professional shit.

When your connection and dataset are different by 5 orders of magnitude transfer times start to get measured in weeks

TFW you take anthropomorphizing your plushies so far it becomes tax fraud

Drawing advice that basically goes "Draw every day and you'll get better" is not only useless for the majority of people, but it's especially useless for those who aren't neurotypical.

Some people need guidance. "Just practice everything" or "pick what you want to practice" is enough to completely drive away someone whose brain gets overwhelmed by the infinite choices.

This principle may be applied to learning pretty much anything, although it's incredibly common for artists.

Next drive, name a chip vendor from the 90's and they've probably got a chip on this board

Today's goal, image SCSI HDD's older than me

This process has been such an ass pain it's gonna get it's own blog article

Warning: if you talk about Halloween before or after October 31st I will block you



via @HTHR

polar bear? no sorry i only deal in cartesian bears

I am currently writing a long form essay, and wishing there was a way of connecting clauses of an English sentence with a heavier pause than a comma, but without the gramatical overhead of using a semicolon.

I think I've fallen into the trap of writing pole I speak again.

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