Datasheet sites are basically an infested swamp of hustlery, similar to almost any song lyrics site...

Just had the experience of a site showing an entry for a hard-to-find IC I was prowling for a datasheet to. They have a seemingly legit page for the IC with a few details and a link to the datasheet. You click it and is informed that you need to sign in to access the datasheet.

OK, I took the bait, since the IC is hard to find as I mentioned. I create the profile (throwaway details of course) and finally reload the page with the datasheet link promping me to create the profile.

... Only now that I'm signed in, there is no longer any link and apparently they do not have the datasheet and were only pretending to have it to get you to sign up.

Well, screw you too. 🤬​

@Retrograde Truth.

What I really want (right now) is the TI "TMS99532A/TMS99534A Modem Products Data Manual", but all I can find is misleading links that either end in nothing or a two-page brief from some thousand page data book that doesn't _quite_ have enough information.

@Retrograde If you ever do find a good site for data sheets, please let the fediverse know. I’ve been burned by this too.

@Retrograde datasheet & manual sites of the 2020s are the same as ROM sites of the 1990s

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