Note to self, sanity check these kinds of cheaply made modules before connecting them up. I only found out this SD card reader's power rails were shorted out AFTER putting it in circuit. 😬​

After a visual inspection I guess I found the fault (C2)...

@Retrograde A short is basically a capacitor with infinite capacitance(sorta...) so you got some killer bang(literally, I imagine) for your buck

@Retrograde Ooof! That's one terrible assembly / manufacturing job there

@Retrograde gosh, yes. i bought some motor drivers a while back with massive solder paste globs under the chip nearly shorting it out

@Retrograde wow. as a former coworker of mine used to say : on one (or in this case two) solder pads you used up the entire yield of solder a peruvian mountain peasant family churns out per year!

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