@LittleAlex This test was ROM only. There's a little SD card adapter included in the kit but I haven't mounted and tested it yet.

@Retrograde I thought of using such a board as an old school mailbox. The SD-card provides cheap and fast storage and the CP/M is a more than adequate operating system and the performance of the Z180 should be good.

I forgot that the CP/M universe was all about kilobytes, not megabytes. That feels like two lifetimes ago.

@Retrograde The chip count on this is impressively low! How does the serial connection work? Is it implemented in software? I noticed there's only a single crystal oscillator on the board.

@stephen This Z180 CPU (successor to the original Z80) has two individual full-duplex UARTs and programmable baud rategenerator on the die. Nice for embedded applications.

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