Today, I was trying to find (using commercial search engines) information about a topic. Maybe 9 out of 10 or more "relevant" results was about purchasing items related to the topic. Not ads placed in the result page, no, the actual results.

I remember how, when I was younger, I used to marvel at all the information out there on the web. How it was like a giant library.

I scarcely recognize the place now. If you want to search information about a topic you don't go into a mall. But that's what it feels like I'm forced to do.

I remember going to the library and pulling out drawers of index cards to locate the relevant non-fiction shelves with good content on topics I wanted to learn about. Imagine if those index cards had been mixed with cards with advertisements on them. Increasingly diluting the content with junk. That is the web of today.

@Retrograde I agree absolutely. I only started noticing it recently even! There are still libraries though, as well. And other protocols. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say... Maybe that there will always be space for something radically simpler?

@Retrograde I bought two phones to use as cameras and as soon as the transaction completed delivery facebook google etc inundated with Phone plans.

@Retrograde There is a search engine that filters out the 100 or 1000 most popular hits on Google that helps with that a LOT

@Retrograde for news & political propaganda too, tbh.. (tho actual journalism & propaganda can be a bit muddled there)

Sad but true. The only chance we have is to filter content.

You may try this search engine:

I have similar thoughts
But for me the major problem is not even the comemrcial stuff in between
The major problem is that the content is just no more on the accessible web at all. Where in the past searchable forums and other websites had been, its today inside of facebook and instant messenger groups to never be seen outside

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