Oh, come on... Seems there are two different versions of the desoldering gun. With different connectors. That both physically fit the socket on the base station. 😣​

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My ZD-8915 desoldering stations's been giving me grief for a while, the element temperature display just flickering around while the set temperature display was OK. The gun would still get hot but I suspected it was no longer regulating temperature and that the temperature sensor in the gun was shot.

So I ordered a replacement gun as it's reasonably priced and I couldn't be bother to try and fix it.

And of course: now it's even worse, the display just showing error. -.-

Sigh, the great yak hath calleth and I shall attempt to do his bidding...

Closed the bird site profile I had for more than 10 years, on an impulse. Already feel lighter. o/

The ZD-8915 desoldering station is such a piece of junk and I've just about had it with it.

Replaced the pistol part of it twice already, and now the tip temperature is just flickering in the display.

I suppose the temperature sensor or wiring in it failed. So I get to order another one.

Should probably shell out for a Hakko instead...

No way around replacing these tristate buffers. No need to be gentle about it either...

First, Gary gets a vinegar bath. And after the rinse, a treatment by the fibreglass pen to remove the crud...

New Arrivals 🤓

Some nice items in this haul; good condition C128, working 1571 drive, Competition Pro joystick and unobtainium Comal 80 cartridge.

Also ordered some 48 pin sockets to replace the broken one for Gary. And some replacement 74LS244 buffers (U10/U12). But the tough part will be those trace repairs...

After a first spot cleaning with vinegar to neutralize the alkaline corrosive, followed by an IPA rinse, the CPU and custom chips are extracted.

Worst case scenario, they become Parts. But... First, I'll do a second, deep cleaning of the PCB and attempt to restore the corroded traces, if possible.

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If passed, this bill could fulfill a long-standing dream of U.S. law enforcement: the end of private, encrypted messaging on the Internet. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Looks like the battery fluid has seeped into the PCB. The black discolorations are likely caused by eaten away copper.

This may turn out to be a write-off. At least there's always Parts duty...

Displays of faith in humanity is, in general, heartening. But... I do wish this particular seller had trusted a little less in international parcels being carefully, lovingly passed from angelic embrace to angelic embrace - and not just put brown paper around a thin cardboard box and off you go.

Just finished testing 3 recent chip purchases (2x 6581, 1x 8580). All of them good! 😌

Last I was in the market, 2 of the 3 I got had issues, so, yeah, I'm quite content.

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Suspect there's a special place in hell for sellers who auction off a piece of equipment without power supply, only to auction off the power supply separately afterwards...

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Finally got a hold of a Roland MT-32 MIDI synth module in great condition. On the very top of the Owner's Manual's Cautions list: "Don't Disturb the Neighborhood".

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age...

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