Well, it took a while to notch the disks, re-write the reverse sides, apply write protects, tape* the labels on, etc., but I now have four nice Nox Archaist disks instead of 8 with smeared labels. :)

(* Contact glue or using a label sheet would have been infinitely better.)

Current state of the me, no fancy filters. It's going to be a long road to get where I want to go. I need to start learning how to be okay with myself in them meantime.

I got my copy of this book in the mail today! I'm excited to read it! (Although I have a couple of other books I need to get to first.)

The new novel in Martha Wells' Murderbot Diaries series, "Fugitive Telemetry," comes out TOMORROW and I am IMPOSSIBLY STOKED. I have my pre-order in, and if it unlocks right at midnight, I may have a late night ahead of me.

If you have not read this series, I urge you to get on that right away!

I should be asleep, but I wound up looking at the Arcade1Up Atari Legacy Edition cabinet. It's coming out soon, and I have to ask myself, do I really want it?

It looks like a GREAT product. The design is wonderful and classic. It comes with 12 fantastic games, including Tempest, my very favourite arcade game, and many others that I love, such as Asteroids. And it comes with a spinner and trackball. Everything looks solid.

I hadn't heard of all the games, so I turned to my Atari Vault that I got on Steam. I played them, and they all looked pretty neat. This raised the real concern.

I already own almost all of the games, and I use a trackball on my computer. Even though Tempest uses a spinner in the arcade, it plays great with a trackball. The play experience of Atari Vault is great.

So is it worth $600 just to get 12 of them in a stand-up cabinet? It's really just the "cool" factor. And I'm not sure if I can justify it (and the space it would take) just for that.

Still. Ngghh.

CW: Sex humour 

Personally, I like Monster Zero Ultra (in the white can).

Well, I finished Picross S3 at a total time suck of 80 hours, 7 minutes, 23 seconds. Onward to Picross S4! It looks like I previously completed all the modes except for Mega and Extra. I'll do Extra last, so I guess it's more Mega Picross crunching for me for the next while.

These are again aspirational, but someone made a Picrew that does big bodies, so I thought I'd try it. Some people who know me in real life have confirmed that that is "definitely me". I did two stages of hair regrowth, since my hair is still super short.

The picrew is here if you want to try it: picrew.me/share?cd=xS8wk1NEcC

[cw: cartoon eye contact] 

This picrew: ( picrew.me/image_maker/582810 ), made by @badews on Twitter, was fun to play with. :)

[cw: eye contact] 

So, I took that selfie that I posted recently of me clean-shaven and ran it through FaceApp's "gender change" thing. I know that that's highly unrealistic and also has problematic implications in terms of putting an emphasis on "passing" and tying gender to stereotypical appearances and so on, believe me. But after the incredibly depressing results of playing with makeover sites and photoshopping longer hair onto me, I have to say that this got a "Fuck yeah, I'll take that." from me.

[cw: eye contact] 

My Mom asked for the men in the family to shave their beards (she hates beards) for Christmas. Everyone else laughed it off, but I figured, what the hell, why not? It's the first time I've been clean-shaven in 20 years. It looks so weird to me that I can't decide if I like it or not. :)

Some highlights from my Spotify Wrap Up thing! Additionally, it said that I listened to 235 genres this year, including 104 new ones. I suspect it's slicing genres a tad fine. The relative homogeneity of my top songs isn't surprising, as I listen to albums more often than songs.

I'm annoyed that one of my "top artist" slots was taken by "royalty free music maker", the thing I tried to use for stream-safe background classical music while reading Tally Ho! but got DMCA muted for anyway.

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