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I've moved over to , but the account migration has failed, so if you follow me here and want to continue to do so, swap over there. :) I'll leave this pinned for a while.

I've moved over to , but the account migration has failed, so if you follow me here and want to continue to do so, swap over there. :) I'll leave this pinned for a while.

Well, I started to set up a BBS. It's ... not the most intuitive process! I'm getting there, but I didn't have a billion spoons, so I didn't get THAT far. Tomorrow may be a lot of prodding at that.

Wow. One of the top reviews of the National Gallery of Canada on Google is, in its entirety:

"Modern art, more like modern fjärt"

Notifications seem to be busted on my instance. I assume it's just all the new load, but it's making interacting really weird. The tab will make noises at me and I'll click over to have absolutely no clue what happened.

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Joke of The Day

What do clouds wear?


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I was just taking the elevator at my workplace and the headline during my short occupancy was, "Unvaccinated increase risk of covid-19 among vaccinated, study says."

Glad we've got that confirmed, I guess?

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I finished it, weeeee!

Copic and Sakura fineliners on Canson Montval 185g watercolour paper. It's about 21cm square.

There are pantry moths in our office and it's really annoying me. I have no idea where they're coming from, but after an infestation at home many years ago, I've got a real hate on for the things.

Lunch crisis was averted by scooping the yogurt with a ginger cookie. It was even a pretty decent flavour combination, albeit a bit unwieldy!

CW: Eye Contact 

Since my tongue tied-ness came up in a comment thread elsewhere, have a super goofy photo of me sticking my tongue out as far as I can.

My lunch today involves a decent portion of yogurt with fresh berries in it.

I forgot to pack a spoon.

By the by, while I'm mentioning, for those unfamiliar with it, it's an audiobook site that supports direct buying and subscription models and has an app if you want it, but provides all audiobooks as un-DRMed MP3 files so you can use them and back them up however you like. You can also choose a brick and mortar bookstore that gets a portion of your purchases to help keep brick and mortar shops alive.

"The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet," by Becky Chambers is on sale as an audiobook on for $5 right now. If you want great queer science fiction, this is a solid choice.

CW: Sex 

I might be a bit horny today, but in a light-hearted, happy way rather than a heavy, needy way.

How to know you're old: Upon reading about a "Quantum ransomware attack," your first thought is of the hard drive company, not the branch of physics.

Overheard at work in a conversation about real estate:

Boss: Some people hire people to come and change all the furniture and everything! "Fluffers," or whatever they're called.

Employee: Um....stagers

Boss: Yeah!

I'm reading some board game rules which state, "The player who was the last to eat dates will get the starting player token and takes the first turn." That's got to be a mess in Muslim households during Ramadan, when whole families eat dates at precisely the same instant.

It turns out that when one of those no-glue / snap-together Gundam-style models falls off a shelf and shatters into a million pieces, it's not really trivial to figure out how it all went together originally. :)

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