I just thought for a moment that I couldn't play "bird" in my puzzle because there was only one 'b'. You know you've been saying 'birb' for too long when...

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I beat my high score in Robotron: 2084!

It's always a little weird to be able to achieve that sort of thing in, like, 20 seconds of gameplay.

Playthrough #2, I played with a mouse instead of the gamepad, and most of the UI awkwardness vanished, so I recommend that. If you have a gamepad connected when you launch the game, it will label everything with gamepad controls (I need to look and see if that can be turned off.), but you can just use the mouse anyway, and the use of it is intuitive.

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Well, I just played my first game of the new Digital port of Wingspan (which I purchased on Steam). What an amazing port! A notable attention to detail: They implemented BOTH the Automa "bot" rules that came with the physical game and a video-game-style AI player (both with selectable difficulty).

The music is delightful and the game is BEAUTIFUL. There's very well-recorded voice over of the 'flavour text' on all the cards about the birds that's read out when you play them. The UI takes a little getting used to, but is well-featured with a lot of information available once you get the hang of it.

It does feel a little more like "competitive solitaire" than the board game, since you can view other players' states, but they're not all spread out in front of you at all times.

Overall, this may be the new high bar for electronic ports of board games.

(In the attached score summary, the AI won with 80 points, the Automa came in second with 77 points, and I was trounced with 58. :) )

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My house is haunted by this cat shaped void that sometimes apears in the floor.

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hi friends, i miss face to face #ttrpgs so

show me your #dice please! let's all pretend we're oohing and aahing at each others' houses

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I've been working really hard the past couple of weeks building a new stats system for my web game Improbable Island.

It's a text adventure at improbableisland.com, there's a lively roleplaying community, player-owned places (with a programming engine!), hundreds of pages of story and no ads/tracking/nastystuff. We've had problems getting new players 'cause the places we used to advertise are all going offline, so if y'all could help me out with a boost that'd be much appreciated

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:blobCatPeek: psst hey

I wrote a book. It's a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy about ... necromancers? *checks notes* Yep, that's it. Light-hearted necromancer story.

Also shapeshifters and sprawling necropolises and secret libraries!

It would be cool if you wanted to take a look. Or share this toot. Or both!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

Info, Sample, & Buy Links: victoriacorva.xyz/books/books-

:blobCatPeek: ok bye

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Hey, everyone! I just got set up for streaming on Twitch. I'll be doing (one hour per week each) an ongoing game (presently Deep Sky Derelicts), BoardGameArena games, and retro games. Or that's the initial plan, anyway. We'll see what works best! If that sounds like fun for you, you can find me here! twitch.tv/tahrfantastico

And boosting is cool and stuff, yo. *shyly kicks the dirt a bit*

Netflix: "See what other people are watching in your area!"

Do people really find this to be useful input for finding something to watch?

I dunno if I'm alone in this, but I find myself using the Humble Bundle notification e-mail as ways to buy single games for almost as much or sometimes more money elsewhere, simply because I find the psychological pressure of all the unplayed games notably unpleasant.

Today, I clicked through on a bundle e-mail because I was interested in a game that they had called "Deep Sky Derelicts". (Derelict space ships are my irresistible vice.) The pricing tiers meant that for CA$15.77, I could get Deep Sky Derelicts, plus the expansions and 14 other games.

Instead, I skipped the 14 other games and paid CA$13.33 to get just Deep Sky Derelicts and the expansions. It seems insane to pass up 14 other games for only CA$2.44 more, but I know that I would feel the psychological pressure of those games in my library or my Humble account and it would bug the snot out of me.

Brains are weird. Also, maybe I need more friends who want random Humble codes.

I just finished a lovely evening of online board gaming on Board Game Arena, with voice chat through Discord. It's been amazing how much of a difference that combination has made for me during the pandemic. I play about twice a week (with two different groups), and it gives me my hits of "structured socializing". I've always found social time to be a lot less stressful with an activity, and I find video calls the most awkward method of unstructured social time, but this has been perfect.

(For the gamers, we played a quick game of Hearts while we waited to see if anyone else was going to show up, then a game of 7 Wonders, followed by a learning game of Stone Age.)

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2,977 people died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

188,000 Americans have died from #COVID19. That’s a 9/11 every day for 2 months.

Americans accepted security theater, unwinnable wars, and giving up civil liberties to stop terrorists—but trumpers won’t even wear fucking masks.

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