Content Warnings aren't just for shocking or disturbing content.

They're for anything where it's unclear whether people want to see it right now, for example film spoilers.

Some people also use them for telling jokes, with the punchline revealed by clicking the warning open.

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Ellie is only 10 years old and is canoeing 60 miles across Scotland in aid of Cancer Research because, unlike that bellend He-Man, she’s brilliant.

Please take a look at her justgiving page and follow her adventures on Instagram at


Good moaning Mastadon peeps. Slept on the sofa due to our dog house guest keeps annoying our cat. She’s going home tomorrow tho.


I am going to start my own Social Networking platform called Plopper. Instead of posting a tweet, you "drop a plop". Who's with me?


Who knows how great this will be I got some tissues ready.

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