Gray day here. 6.3km on the beach yesterday. Picked up two typewriters at McDavid Typewriter this morning. One is great, the other I have to mess with myself, I guess. Fortunately Bill’s a great guy and he fixed the one problem I asked him to. What’s left is easy.

Out to the morning walk. I saw many photographers on the beach waiting for sunrise. I hope they were happy. I have better pictures posted here than I could have done this morning.

Idling at The Decantery. Taylor, Kyle and Tiffany were mixing syrups and drinks and giving me things to try. Made the time pass faster.

[EAA](] Chapter meeting last night. Ten or fifteen of us planning the next Young Eagles flights (free flights for kids) and our scholarship program for high-school pilot training students. (They do that down here.)

Last week’s reading (the dark) and this(the bright). A thousand pages. Of history, much of which I lived through. Fun. More like skimming than reading in depth. 📖

Football and Pickleball

So, Jacksonville beat an even more hapless team.
No baseball on the big screen.
And the night ended on a promise to come watch
and maybe learn pickleball.
Whatever ;)

Sunday, Mexican food, the usual gang.

Volunteering to help an airplane owners convention this week. Tuesday maybe. Public welcome day. Pixtures to come.

3rd try worked. Love the other two, one for dress and the other for “functions”. Better night time visibility is important too. 😉👍

The hawk on the fence just dropped down and grabbed something in the garden out if the image on the right. I went out later but there was no trace. He sat there a while, a reminder of where we live.

Another sunrise over the gulf stream clouds. Later a tortoise was waddling down at low tide. Long walk.

Sunrise. Up early enough to get down in time to watch the sun clear the clouds.

Three lonely wine bottles and no room in the hutch. 😢

GnuCOBOL source level debugger working again. Silly tooling misunderstanding. Nice being able to debug stepping and printing variable content in COBOL too. ( )

My expensive 😉 standing desk this morning. GnuCOBOL source level debugging is busted on only my machine among us 😟🤔. ( )

Another morning on the beach. A couple of miles. Lots of walkers, some bigger than others 😉

I loved this article on doomed programming languages that aren’t going to be good career foundations in the future. Right or wrong, it’s fun. Of course, a lot of “dead languages” still pay well like COBOL. Just not “rockstar” well.

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