42 years ago: IMS Associates, Inc. announces the IMSAI 8080.

Like all early S-100 based systems, the IMSAI is really just a large metal case with a power supply, and numerous slots to insert the expansion cards. But due to the limitless expandability afforded by the S-100 bus design, an actual keyboard, monitor, printer, data storage, and other peripherals can all easily be added to make this a very useful system. oldbytes.space/media/bwmZtf5mF

After hearing from @BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks that is no longer creating and selling their own hardware, I just had to get myself one of these! Mission One 500. oldbytes.space/media/juiRZfDhr

I just opened 9 @BryanLunduke videos at the same time and was nearly overwhelmed by the chaotic sexiness of all those voices.

Today 17 years ago: Intel releases the 1.13 GHz Pentium III processor. It incorporates 44 million transistors in a 0.13-micron process. Code-name during development was Tualatin. oldbytes.space/media/89akZNMDk

30 Years ago: Zilog announces the Z280 processor, integrating a 256 byte instruction cache and memory management. Speed is 10-12 MHz at 5 volts.

The Zilog Z280 was a 16-bit microprocessor, an enhancement of the Zilog Z80 architecture, introduced in July 1987. It was basically the Z800, renamed, with slight improvements such as being fabricated in CMOS. It was a commercial failure. 🤔 oldbytes.space/media/eOUF2LPMZ

15 years ago! Intel releases the 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor, with a 533 MHz front-side bus. It's a socket PPGA478 CPU with 55 million Transistors. oldbytes.space/media/nJJgBZwmA

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