Listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack this morning to say farewell to Vangelis.

The MT-32 Pi build for me. I'll have some spare PCB's when I get them made if anyone is interested.

So the whole of last nights discussion about Freewrite alternatives is gone this morning. My last post was 3days ago and my last reply was 2days ago. I wonder what happened there!

Just discovered there is a cross compiler for raspberry pi 4 to help with compiling the latest MAME releases. That's useful!

If you were trying to tell the story of computing via emulation, from the end of the mainframe/mini era to the release of Windows 2000 and Mac OS/X. Which machines would be the essential machines to emulate? Asking for ‘reasons’…

So I've been playing with Basilisk II in Retropie. My Callisto II is now a Mac Performa with 68040&FPU with no slowdowns. Amazing how well it all works when you take the time to set up the emulator properly, the default RetroPie setup runs like a dog.

Hi everyone, nice to meet you! Going to try to be a regular here too as things shake out from the bird site. I’m still figuring things out, trying to find everyone, etc.

For those new to me, I’m an artist that uses modern code and vintage pen plotters to create artwork. I have a web shop setup at if you’d like to browse.

I also collect and repair vintage computers and other gear— Commodore, Apple, Atari, etc. and share repair sessions to help others.

Well the CallistoII is done. It’s not perfect and that’s annoying enough that I will probably reprint the top for a third time, but for now it’ll do. Now I can start working on the UI for it.

@playermissile I was listening to the latest 5200 podcast in the car today. Very entertaining. I loved the readers writes with the arguing over Coleco vs 5200 LOL isn't that @Ultramagnus_tcv reading those?

Welcome to the fediverse everyone, I'm very glad to see you all here :D

Well I'm having to reprint the top two parts of my Callisto II. Insufficient supports led to the print bending slightly at the peak of the screen and it looks terrible.

Spending some time tweaking mastodon options. So far all the things I've found annoying are turn off or onable :)

No more rolled up toots! :D

How many users can I handle in a raspberry pi 4 4gb mastodon instance?

Trying to acclimate my wife on mastodon and noticing there are small layout differences on different instances. Her toot date/time are top right, mine are bottom right, her toots are indented so the avatar of the tooter is clearer mine are not etc.etc.

I thought editing a toot was possible? Seems my terrible spelling will be following me from birdsite. I promise it’s bad typing not bad thinking. My thumbs can’t keep up with my brain.

CPU/RAM/SSD upgrades and shipping prices have been reduced, for laptops sold on

These are secure laptops with osboot, based on coreboot, replacing proprietary UEFI firmware. Your choice of *encrypted* Debian, other Linux or OpenBSD/FreeBSD installation.

@duhproject btw that "cool-retro-term" program is really amazing, reminds me of another Mac commercial app "CATHODE" .. but nice this one is available for Linux/Mac .. thanks for sharing that.

incase anyone needs the link

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