The wonderful @48kRAM sent me a TRS-80 Model 100 case and keyboard for free to build a retro styled cyber deck and typing device for my wife. It arrived today, is in lovely condition and I can't believe it, the keyboard feels like typing on an Atari 800XL! I've a feeling I'm not going to want my wife to have this when its done. Thanks Josh you are a legend!

Started listening to Eaten by a Grue podcast, really enjoying it so far. The spoiler fence isn't spoiling anything because I am old and won't remember any of it :D

Covid woes 

Since I had covid my sense of taste is screwed up. I cannot eat anything with tomatoes now, it tastes like mould, mildew, rot, dirt and death. My wife has the same problems with onions. Not being able to eat anything with those ingredients, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce, Pizza, Pasta sauces etc. Has really impacted the way we eat. :(

On top of that my sense of smell has been altered, my shampoo makes me gag, other smells I used to love do the same, my sense of smell generally is much reduced from the pre covid days. I'm constantly worried that I might smell because I'm so unaware of smells around me.

Is anyone familiar with a motor vehicle Title correction? 🚘

I bought a 2019 SUV in February, and I just received a letter from the Motor Vehicle Bureau stating their records indicate an error in the recording of the mileage code on my Title. They want me to mail in my original Title (!) and include an application for a corrected title - which is so successfully hidden online that I haven’t been able to find it as of yet! Form 4055. Sounds Googleable - trust me I’ve tried.

Shouldn’t this onus be on the dealership (seller) ?

Am I the only one thinking you are NEVER supposed to mail off your ORIGINAL title??

#DeptofRevenue #Titles

Masto needs a “yup” button. Something you can tap to say you’ve seen a toot and agree but don’t have anything to add to the conversation.

Finding a good picture of Steve Leininger is hard work! After the 77 trinity all the computers were designed by teams so I’m going to have to pick one person or go with the company ceo or something. I shall be using Jay Miner for both Atari 800 and Amiga because “fanboy” lol

Here's a Woz portrait that came out great and I really love the image but it didn't work in the layout so I won't be using it. It's too nice not to share.

Seems to work OK. I need to work out how the detail pages should look and start working up some descriptive texts.

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My Callisto II emulation station based user interface progress… Portraits are done, general layout seems to work, happy with the colours so far.

Listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack this morning to say farewell to Vangelis.

The MT-32 Pi build for me. I'll have some spare PCB's when I get them made if anyone is interested.

So the whole of last nights discussion about Freewrite alternatives is gone this morning. My last post was 3days ago and my last reply was 2days ago. I wonder what happened there!

Just discovered there is a cross compiler for raspberry pi 4 to help with compiling the latest MAME releases. That's useful!

If you were trying to tell the story of computing via emulation, from the end of the mainframe/mini era to the release of Windows 2000 and Mac OS/X. Which machines would be the essential machines to emulate? Asking for ‘reasons’…

So I've been playing with Basilisk II in Retropie. My Callisto II is now a Mac Performa with 68040&FPU with no slowdowns. Amazing how well it all works when you take the time to set up the emulator properly, the default RetroPie setup runs like a dog.

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