First half of Dave Gorman in Northampton..totally excellent, always liked him👍🏽👍🏽

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Today I coded a bit more of the Putup ELK version. But I am starting to run out of RAM, I only have about 7Kb free and I still need to add about 40 levels!! ouch.

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A couple more of my 6502 machine code optimization tips. To be fair, most of them can be applied to other 8-bit CPUs to save cycles or memory.

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Electrobots Going Underground is out now! Play my new game on Acorn Electron, BBC Micro or even on Windows with the self-contained EXE

Free to play but your support on is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

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With phones, tablets, consoles and smart watches, technology is a big part of life at home and in school. But some pupils have been learning about how it all began, from some vintage games and computers, as our Education Correspondent Robbie Meredith has been finding out

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@6502Nerd The Oric manual was so easy to read and understand it proved invaluable to me as were the many publications which supported the machine. Here’s a pic from our recent visit . A little bit of history repeating itself .

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You can play our little game for free in a browser or download and play on a real Commodore .

I never noticed until quite recently this similarity between this 70's sci-fi art from Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD (Stewart Cowley) and the Oric game called Xenon 1 by John S. Sinclair.
Any other game graphics inspired by this amazing book?

And here is GOSUB done - somewhat easier than I thought and easier to implement than procedures with local parameters (which is the default - and best - way to call routines in dflat)..
retsub not 'return' because I already used that keyword..

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Right, GOTO command done - handy being able to test in an emulator versus blowing an EEPROM and firing up the breadboard computer (although I will do that another day for kicks!)

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dflat is a diy interpreter for my homebrew and also Oric-1 / Atmos computers🤓🤘🏾
Smugly I claimed it was ace because there was no GOTO or GOSUB allowed..🤔
But you know what, it's hard to port old BASIC games without these two stalwarts.. so I am biting the bullet😬😬😭😅

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I think I'm ready to release a beta version of my new game "Electrobots Going Underground" tomorrow... GET HYPED!! 😎

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PART 10 is just out!
Join me as I build Talos ES™, a modern mini-computer with a custom RISC CPU made solely of discrete, standard logic (74-series ICs). In this tenth episode, I discuss and simulate the design of the addressing logic (AL) card.

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PIC18-based world's thinnest DIY computer - 2mm. Unlike others, who use some 32-bit chip to emulate an 8-bit system, this is a native 8-bit one.

Inspired by a tweet I saw, got me thinking about my first programming lessons, which were from the the Oric-1 manual in 1983.
This is how we learnt to program back in the day.. felt easy to get into compared to now!🙏🏾
How was the C64, Speccy, Beeb etc. experience, just as easy?

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Oh and it's also on the 6th too, but that doesn't work with the rhyme - - and, before we officially announce it, a quick competition. Can any make a better firework display on their 8bit micro than I've done on my Dragon? I'll use it on the event page!

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Remember, remember the 5th of November, retro computers, monitors and, err, plotters! Yes, it's back, it's the 2022 Retro Computer Festival at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge - the biggest event yet, with more exhibitors than ever before.

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