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FlexlogIC allows to produce processors on a flexible substrate. David Schor writes about the latest attempts for the 6502.


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Doing a bit of research ahead of the 1982 Retrofest at @computermuseum next weekend and found this benchmark table in PCW - what a fantastic breadth of machines were available by the end of 1982! (and don't forget to come - it'll be awesome and supports the wonderful museum too)

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Less than a week away! Why not come and say hello next weekend, and see which awesome machines are celebrating their 40th! @computermuseum

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Going to buy Twitter and make it exclusively for talking about old computers.

Problem with about 5% or less of fake/spam accounts is that as most are automated bots, they represent far more than 5% of the activity volumes. Which is a shame - although I don't see much of it in the corner of twitterverse I stay in.
(I am real btw, so don't worry👍🏾😅)

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six years ago today I received the first prototype of my MOnSter 6502. it's a 6502 processor made out of discrete transistors!

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It's all about sprite order. First a proximity check of what around the bomb, then wipe everything in reverse order to which it was spawned: Jack then powerpill (treated as another enemy sprite), then bird then bomb (spawned first). There's your original background ! Yay ! 🤯 twitter.com/snuggsy187/status/

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Recently I talked to this very smart man all about his cool inventions! But what could he possibly have to show us? 🤔

[hint: it's not just the amazing shirt]

Find out later today on my YouTube channel!

Because I'm rubbish at social media, I missed this short video by @WiFiSheep on the 40th Birthday Retro Festival at @computermuseum on 21st & 22nd of May😬
You may see some nerds from here - and of course cool machines from BITD!😎
See you there!🤞🏾👍🏾

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A picture of a Jupiter Ace displayed hires by my . In the background is the .png and my conversion utility, all made possible by my keyboard adapter. I have some left, just ask if you’re interested.

The 64 OS project is an amazing body of work - check it out!🤓👍🏾👍🏾
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Some swag for the upcoming C64 OS release.

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It might not look much, but this is a big step forward for my logic gate level emulation of an Elliott 803. It shows a jump instruction (op code 40) to address 8 being fetched from the core store and causing 8 to be put into the Sequence Control Register ready for the next fetch.

I was clearly bored of watching TV today!
Here I am using a cool utility to convert from jpg to TMS9918a bitmap format which I then save to my homebrew sd card, then load directly using a dflat command. Makes me think Bombjack is possible!

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As legendary as they come in the British games industry. RIP David Ward, co-founder of Ocean Software.

An update to raster bars on the TMS9918a from a couple of years ago - hopefully more enlightening through explaining the code (but excuse the rambling). With precise timing and little code, one can overcome the normal single colour display limitation🤓👍🏾

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Proud to play a small part in an organisation that provides an engaging environment for kids to learn electronics, 3D printing, coding, robotics, and much more... twitter.com/McrCoderDojo/statu

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@6502Nerd @maded2 A silly video I did a while back where I attempt to do 10 PRINT "HELLO "; 20 GOTO 10 in all the MiSTer cores available at the time. Jupiter Aces is at 6:46, Oric at 8:49.

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