Okay: Three of your favorite Demoscene soundtracks (soundtracks to actual demos)

I'll start:

Atrium OST by Puryx - I was pretty blown away when I saw and heard this 64k ... until I realized it was a 4k !! and I was floored. The music 100% makes this demo. Wonderful softsynth use.

Babylon by Necros - There's something about Necros's compositions that I just love. And it bled into his post-demoscene work as well (I have several of his CDs). This is a real work of tracker art.

Delicious OST by Ludvig Linge - A Dreamcast demo by Yodel. It's a bit haunting, but with some spoken samples that provide almost comic relief. And the ending lead is just superb! This is a streamed tune.

@48kRAM I haven't looked at the others, but I just watched Atrium, and ... wow. The sound track alone seems like it should be > 4 k!

@elb Size-limited demos are some of my favorite work in the scene. The creativity that comes out of the crazy limitations of a 4k demo is super fun to watch.

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