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I went full-on rant on the birdsite, but I want to post a more friendly list of non-profit orgs that I think are doing good work and which I support monetarily. If you can, I encourage you to so as well.

1) The Bail Project -

Fighting to end our racist and classist system of cash bail.
I give to them periodically

2) The Repair Association -

Working to get Right to Repair laws passed in every state in the US. I give to them monthly

3) The American Civil Liberties Union -

Fighting for the rights of women, minorities, LGBT+ and defending our freedoms in court. I made my first donation to this group today.

4) 4) The Electronic Frontier Foundation -

Defending our online freedoms, and fighting against stupid encryption backdoors, warrantless wiretaps, and online censorship. Their work got computer software code First Amendment protection. I donate to them occasionally

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