Good morning Fediverse! Here is your picture for today: my Issue Two 48k ZX Spectrum, kindly sent to me by @GedgeHead (we actually did a trade and I sent him some floppy drives in exchange -- that was fun!)

The machine included a large number of tapes, so I dug out my wife's old Panasonic tape player to load some games. Took a few tries, but I got it going. It was fun loading from tape again after 30 years (on my Atari 400, back then). Gedge did a composite mod on it before he sent it to me so I can run it easily on my PAL monitors here in the States.

Later, I sent some photos of the innards to "ZX Wife" (hmm...wonder if she's on Fedi...) who said it was probably originally a 16k Speccy that had been upgraded to 48k.

Hope everyone has a great day. Keep it retro 😎

@48kRAM @GedgeHead
I'd say it is an upgrade as the ram chips on the bottom right are all socketed.

IIRC the ones on the bottom left are the lower 16k as seen that mentioned in various repair articles.

@peter @GedgeHead Oh, I completely agree. I'd just never been inside it until I found out she was collecting internal photos of 48k machines. She also mentioned that the ULA had been replaced, which I think Gedge might have told me when he sent it.

@48kRAM Ah, sweet memories.

My first computer was a 48k Speccy. My father wasn't exactly thrilled when I started to occupy the family TV for endless hours of Manic Miner.

@48kRAM @GedgeHead Outstanding :). I have a pair of ZX80s in my collection, but I'm almost afraid to turn them on. Very nice, thank you for sharing!

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