Finally got 11 of the 13 REXes that I built working. I might be able to get the 12th one working, too. These are flash ROM boards for the 100 portable computer. They allow you load multiple option ROM images onto flash and switch between them in software.

These taxes will be sold at Tandy Assembly next weekend.

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And this is what happens to a floppy drive that was mounted directly above the said chemical reaction.

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This is what happens when a 25 year old computer backup battery leaks and reacts with a row of capacitors. #retrocomputing

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#announcing #new Try the BiTZ0NE BBS - its brand new and fun! #retro #bbs

So, I was able to burn a ROM 4x for the Apple 2c. The github only makes patch sets available, so you have to track down original ROM 4 to be able to create the modified image. It adds this optional boot menu (boot holding closed Apple key). Haven't tested booting from external floppy -- I have one but it's buried from the move still.

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If anyone wants to jump in and review or in other ways QA it, dig right in. Would, however, appreciate fixes/suggested changes to go to my fork at as the first step, for consistency.

Will integrate curated changes to bit-preserve from there.

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coming to an end. Still time to plug that I contributed KiCad schematics for the schematic 251469, a.k.a. "C64B" board revisions 250425-01 and 240441-01, to the bit-preserve project ( initiated by James "baldengineer" Lewis.

Based on the C64/C64C Service Manual [1992-03] schematic, but restructured.

Why this particular schematic revision? Selfish reason; it happens to match the revision of my own primary breadbin. :)

The bracket is actually intended for an OLED display, not the stock LED segment one. I actually bought OLED displays for my Goteks, but I can't find them since my house move, so sticking with the stock display. It doesn't quite fit, but it will do for now.

You remove the Gotek board from its stock case and attach it to this bracket. I reused the original screws. They bite into the 3d printed holes well, but they're slightly too long and protrude from the bottom. This isn't a problem on the ST since the fdd is mounted on stand-offs.

You do have to bend the LED a bit to relocate it to its hole. This bracket mounts the display right above the disk swap buttons.

Kit comes with the 3d printed bracket, a ribbon cable extender (stock cable is about 2cm too short), and extensions for the display cable too.

Got the Gotek mounted "properly" into the STf last night. The mount is a tiny bit wonky but it's quite usable. The real problem is that Atari only used 3 screws to secure their fdd instead of 4.

Yay! New chips for the Atari stf! Burned rainbow tos and it is glorious.

Successfully current-modded my playstation classic. AutoBleem can now boot without a hub!

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